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The Tonic

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The Tonic is a facial mist like none other. It's simple ingredients pack a serious punch with anti-aging, anti-blemish, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This fine mist spray leaves a light dusting of rosehip, chamomile, and periwinkle on your face. Perfect for use after cleansing, in your skincare routine... Or throughout the day to refresh!

Using a product made from fruit/floral extracts means the intensity of the constituents are controlled at low levels, tolerable for any skin type. This product will show you how quickly your skin can heal itself with a little help from nature.



Chamomile - known for having anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a "wound healer" which will help control breakouts.

Rose hips - high in whole vitamin c (ascorbic acid is only the shell of vitamin C) which when used topically is a well rounded antioxidant to help fight signs of aging and acne.

Periwinkle works as an antimicrobial agent to help balance bacteria on skin without completely disrupting your microbiome.

Geogard Ultra -  This is a gentle non synthetic preservative blend made with gluconolactone (from corn) and sodium benzoate (benzoin salts) often used in food. Geogard Ultra is considered suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is non-irritating and antioxidant. 

*NOTE* no products used are "essential oils" which can be harmful when overused topically. The concentration of each active is a safe level for all skin types.

Have a beautiful day!