Where do I Start?

The health world is wildly overwhelming. I still get overwhelmed today by the amount of information out there. How do you decipher what is good information and what is not? Perhaps, if you have found your way to my blog, then you are also losing faith in a large majority of studies which are funded by large corporations, or people who may benefit from us being less than healthy. 

If you are also overwhelmed by all of the information you hear I'm here to tell you, you are not alone. We're all confused and we're all mostly just winging it here.

Of course, I'm just another person on the internet, I hope I don't add to the sea of confusion that is the world wide web. With that being said, this is my advice to you. 


That's it. It's that simple. Do you know your body? I mean REALLY know your body. Sure, maybe you know you're reactive to gluten or certain antibiotics... But do you feel your basal body temperature fluctuate? Do you recognize exactly what is causing a headache the moment it comes? Are you able to identify the exact reason for an emotional outburst? 

I don't say all of this to overwhelm you. I believe that to truly show love to a person you must be honest with them. We have been trained to listen to doctors and persons of authority for so long that we don't even know up from down some days.

So here is how you learn your body. It isn't easy, in that it requires discipline, but it is very simple. 

1. Read the ingredients on your food. If it includes anything you don't know the name of, either "duck-duck-go" it or trash it. If you're consuming upwards of 50-100 ingredients in one day, how are you supposed to know what you're reactive to?

2. Drop the toxic personal care products. Body washes with synthetic fragrance and parabens, deodorant filled with toxic metals or dry shampoo with it's yucky carcinogens. Another is your candles, no soy or petroleum (paraffin) based waxes.

3. Limit your mental consumption. If you think someone is toxic to "follow" on social media then unfollow them. If you find yourself being hypercritical of someone you follow or of yourself because of someone you follow, you've got to let them go. Another is to unfollow basically all influencers. I know that sounds a little extreme but you've got to understand who's paying them to promote products.

IMPORTANT: Something to note, and I want anyone who reads this to fully understand, if following any of these "guidelines" causes you more harm than good, then dial it back and take it at your own pace.

I found, from all three of these guidelines that #3 was the most paramount to my overall health! I know that may sound crazy but hear me out... Your brain is the main organ that controls your body. It tells your body if you're going to be attacked by a bear, but it is also responsible for telling you if you're hungry or tired. The reason I say this is because the funny thing about our brains is they don't actually know the difference between reading a scary news article about rising cases (eye roll) or seeing an alligator within spitting distance. It spikes your cortisol and pumps adrenalin through your body putting you into attack mode. What happens when your body goes into attack mode is it tells the rest of your body to slow down. Lowering its overall function so that it can put all its energy into your leg muscles in case you need to sprint! 

So let this be your sign, unfollow the person you know you shouldn't follow, turn off the news, stop watching TV shows that stress you out (which is most of them these days) and do something to restore your calm!

Often I promote supplements, health tools and remedies for ailments, but those will only work to their fullest effect if you do the work first. This blog only just skims on the surface of what could be holding you back from your specific health goal, but its a start and it's what I wish I had read at the beginning of my health journey, downing any supplement promising weight loss, more energy or silkier hair. 

I hope this was helpful to you, always love to chat over on Instagram @itsmikhala. Just know that if all you do is take one small step, you're already doing better than you were yesterday. Your growth should never be compared to anyone else's. You are beautiful, you are strong and I love you!


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