What is good for you?

OKAY... Okay. Why is knowing what is good for you the MOST controversial topic?! Someone says they're vegan and the world explodes, someone says they only eat red meat and people come for you with pitch forks and torches. 

So hear me out on this one. I think you can know what's good for YOU but you can only know so much about what's good for someone else.

This is where intuition and trial and error come in. I feel as though humans have strayed so far from instinct, that perfectly healthy people can be convinced by someone on the television that they are unhealthy, but when you take their vitals and look at their bloodwork, they're perfectly fine. 

I my years of research I have learned that what works best for me happens to be the opposite of what "mainstream" health has always told me was right for me. That's not to say that I think my opinion is any more right than anyone else's. I came to the conclusion on my own, as should anyone else.

If you want to follow along on my health journey, stick around for more blog posts as I talk about products and supplements that have worked for me. I don't find it productive to trash on things that don't work for me so if that's what you're here for, you may end up disappointed! 

I will only make a blog post as I try out new things so it may be a few blog posts a month or it may be just one! I want it to be organic and non-contrived. So, I'd love it if you'd tag along for the journey for health and happiness!

Have the best day!




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