#NATURALIMMUNITY breaks the internet

Hi, my name is Mikhala and I am about to discuss the most controversial topic of 2021... Natural immunity! 

I'm sure you're probably like "woah, woah, woah there... Calm down Mik... Turning to your own natural immunity to protect yourself against disease and illness is way to out there for me." 

Oh... You're not? True, because you're probably NORMAL. For some reason, though, the Instagram Gods have deemed this an unsafe subject. Literally protecting yourself from disease has become unsafe. So naturally I wanted to talk about it. I've built up this dream where I can provide people with a motherboard of links to articles, studies and podcasts to open their eyes to a new world of health. The fun part is that we'll be going on this journey together since I am only at the beginning stages of restoring my family's natural immunity.

So lets start from the beginning. First things first, turn off your TV. Stop watching the news, stop watching Greys Anatomy... It's not doing anything positive for you. That was the real first step in my family's journey. I'm sure we all remember March of 2020 vividly... the month everyone was watching the news from the moment they woke up to the moment they went to bed... Frying our brains with fear. There was a day, I was at home with my daughter who was only 4 months at the time, and I said "screw this" and turned off our TV. I had enough of the word "unprecedented", I had enough of JT speaking moistly outside of his lavish home, I had enough talk about case counts and death counts. That day was the day my whole world changed.

It was like fate... I was scrolling through insta and by some grace of God I came across a woman name Heather. She's an essential oil mom, which I love, but she is also so much more than that. She was talking about things no one else really was yet (actually controversial things). I highly recommend you follow her... Her link will be at the bottom of the page. As far as health goes, she started talking about bone broth and I'd always been interested in making it but never took the plunge. So I went for it! It was a simple start to this whole journey. Then she started talking about star anise tea... then sun exposure... then beef liver... THEN she shared a company named Mito Life. A supplement company whos mission is primarily to restore mitochondrial function.

Mito Life is owned by a man named Matt Blackburn. I didn't follow him immediately... It was all a lot of info to absorb. So I went rogue! I went to the local supplement shop and picked up magnesium... Vitamin C... Zinc... Fish Oil... Iron... Just to find out months later that all of those supplements were probably contributing to my brain fog, tiredness, inability to sleep or control emotion... But at this point I was freshly postpartum with my second child, very depleted and blamed it all on that! So long story short... just go follow Matt Blackburn who will also be linked below.


These two people set me up for a serious whirlwind of mind blowing info that goes against everything mainstream health tells you. So buckle up folks because #naturalimmunity is about to get wild. Lets be controversial together.




Some honourable mentions that I will talk about in future posts are @roseuncharted, @carnivoreaurelius, and @adammarafioti of @LifeBlud . I'd just go ahead and give all four of these accounts a follow too, just to set your algorithm up in your favour. They all offer so much knowledge on the subject of natural immunity and I trust all of them.


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